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Last Updated: 11-28-21 10:05pm
Showtime Line: 731-249-9797
Concessions Available To-GO during any showtime.
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​Private bookings, school field trips, church groups, or any other information submit an email via our contact tab. Our schedule is always subject to change.


Download our November / December 2021 Calendar Here! 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (PG-13) 2hr 4min
Ticket Price is $7.00 - All ages.
Thursday, Dec. 2nd: 7:15pm
Friday, Dec. 3rd: 7:15pm

Saturday, Dec. 4th: 7:15pm
Sunday, Dec. 5th: 7:15pm
Thursday, Dec. 9th: 7:15pm

Clifford The Big Red Dog (PG) 1hr 36min
December 6th-18th - Teachers: You Can Book School Field Trips Now!
Ticket Price: $7.00 - All ages.

Friday, December 10th: 7:15pm
Saturday, December 11th: 7:15pm
Sunday, December 12th: Closed
Thursday, December 16th: 7:15pm
Friday, December 17th: 7:15pm
Saturday, December 18th: 7:15pm

The Grinch (2018) Rated: PG
Sunday, December 19th: 7:15pm


Monday, December 20th: 7:15pm


It's A Wonderful Life (1946) 75th Anniversary Showing
Not Rated
Tuesday, December 21st: 7:15pm


SING 2 (PG) 1hr 52min
Ticket Price: $7.00 - All ages.
Wednesday, December 22: 7:15pm
Thursday, December 23rd: 7:15pm
Christmas Eve, December 24th: CLOSED
Christmas Night, December 25th: 7:15pm
Sunday, December 26th: 7:15pm
Monday, December 27th: 7:15pm
Tuesday, December 28th: 7:15pm
Wednesday, December 29th: 7:15pm
Thursday, December 30th: 7:15pm
New Year's Eve, Friday, December 31st: 7:15pm
New Year's Day, Saturday, Jan. 1st: 7:15pm
Sunday, Jan. 2nd: 7:15pm
Thursday, Jan. 6th: 7:15pm
(This feature could possibly extend to play longer).