Watts Family Members Named to Positions in the Miss Tennessee Organization / Miss America

June 2019:

Lisa Campbell Watts, in 1985, was crowned the inaugural "Miss Lexington/Henderson County Festival of the Lakes" and competed fro the title of Miss Tennessee 1986. That year, Kelly Cash was crowned Miss Tennessee and later Miss America 1987. Meredith Watts had also held the title of an "Iris Teen" and competed in the Miss Tennessee Teen U.S.A. line.

David Watts has been named the inaugural "Chief Values Officer" or CVO inside the Miss Tennessee / Miss America Organizaitons.

Weston Watts serves at the Media Director of the organization.

Copied from Weston's Facebook:

On Dec. 22, 2018,

Which so happens to be my mother's birthday, I was standing at the ticket box in the Princess Theatre as I would do on any given Saturday afternoon. Family friends Joe and Janie Albright come walking-in, all-smiles and as a total surprise to us all, they share that they had just received the phone call from the Miss America Organization that they had been unanimously awarded by the MAO Board of Directors, the license of the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition and that it would be going to Knoxville for the very first time! Part of their proposal was that the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition will rotate all three Grand Divisions of Tennessee, to “showcase” our entire state...

"Have you ever been to the Princess Theatre in Lexington?? Because everytime I call a studio in Hollywood I have to specify 'Tennessee not Kentucky as both have a Princess Theatre..." Miss Lexington Alex Francke, who just so happens to be Miss Kentucky On the #RedCarpet #LIVE 🎥🎞️🎬🍿 " Note: Former Miss Kentucky Kerri Calloway, has also visited and tour the Princess Theatre (Lexington, TN) approximately 3 years prior to this).

The Lexington Progress ran an entire page on the events of Miss Tennessee week in the July 3rd, 2019 edition. Two ladies with ties to Henderson County being "Miss Lexington" Lauren Dickson was 1st runner-up and "Miss West Tennessee" Abby Bayless finished 3rd runner-up.

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