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Weston Watts named Theatre Association Board Member (Ark, MS, TN)

May 2019, Tunica, Mississippi:

At the age of 23, Weston Watts has been named to 1 of 12 Theatre Association Board of Directors.

"We are pleased to welcome Weston Watts to the Board of Directors" Oak Grove, La. Mayor and Association President Adam T. Holland said. "Since he and his family first attended our event four years ago while preparing to reopen the Princess you could see his desire for the Motion Picture exhibition industry and his hometown. We can see him being a valuable part of our organization that will truly represent small rural historic theaters which are the cornerstone of American Cinematic History."

Watts owns and operates the historic Princess Theatre in Lexington, Tenn. along with his parents David and Lisa Watts.  The Watts family purchased the theatre in 2015 and restored it to its original grandeur as a first run movie theatre.  Along with operating the theatre the Watts family is very active in local civic organizations including the Lexington-Henderson County Chamber of Commerce.

“I want to thank Maggie Blank, outgoing President of the Association, for nominating me to the Board of Directors.”  said Watts.  “It has been an incredible experience over the last four years going from being the 19 year-old "new-kid" making many new friends and building relationships to now being elected to the board of directors. I hope to bring youthful insight while staying true to the traditions of Cinema and Theatrical Exhibition. I also look forward to working with all other board members and newly-elected President of the Association, Mayor Adam T. Holland (Oak Grove, La.)”



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